An Easter Like No Other

I hope each of you had a wonderful Easter. We awakened to a quick cup of coffee--especially for us Westerners and were whisked off again to another conference. Greeted by 100 volunteers, we wondered if there would be more volunteers than people attending. But the 1000 person auditorium was packed out and we have people standing at the back. What enthusiasm there was for motherhood and hunger for help in knowing how to reach the hearts of their precious children. We were mobbed by sweet friends wanting a picture or our signature on books--even wanted Sarah and Joy to sign! After 3 hours of a lecture with my friend translating, and about an hour of book signing, (the administrator grabbed the pen out of my hand gently and said, "You must leave now!) We then ran out the door to drive an hour and a half to another packed out auditorium of 5 or 6 hundred with the same lecture--our seventh time! Again, book signing and finally a banquet for 3 hours of meeting with wonderful people and eating another Chinese feast--including pig's feet soup, sea lettuce and pork, duck, swam and chicken with its head still on the plate. What an adventure we are having. Pictures will follow but I am dependent on my two assistants and their cameras (Sarah and Joy have been worthy assistants and are in need of their beauty sleep.) So thankful for your many thoughts and well wishes that have carried us through. Have a great Monday!

On to see the great Wall today and then to the forbidden city! Today we get to be tourists!
Shopping in Shanghai with our tireless guide, Nancy.
Soup dumplings.
Entrance to the auditorium on Sunday.
Rowing in an old river city.
Our guide and emcee, Caleb, with one of many amazing bouquets.
To the signing of books, there is no end...
In the lovely little city of Zhongshan, with the architect of the designs behind us.