Monday Morning, Birdsong, and Shanghai

Hello from the flowery, humid streets of Shanghai. We are running all around the country it seems, and have been in our second city in two days. It's been lovely. The people are so very kind, so gracious and we are loving what we are seeing of China so far. The jet lag is wearing off slooooowly.We spend today in some fun shopping time with our lovely friends, and will get some rest in before heading off again tomorrow morning.


Okay, I can't seem to get text in between the photos. So here is the run down: first and second photos are from the lovely first speaking engagement. A responsive and gracious crowd. That little girl was darling as she brought my new book (picture three) to be signed. The fourth photo is from our hotel window in Shanghai, and the fifth below, well. Jet lag is leaving us slowly. :-)

The restaurant where we had a real Chinese meal in Beijing. A fasincating downtown at night.

Speaking at a women's college with friend and translator. That's all for now. Until next time, the adventure continues....