Looking For a Mentor? I've Got a 40 Minute Session With Your Name on It

Clay and I realized last week that this summer we celebrate our 20th year of our ministry--Whole Heart Ministries and Mom Heart Ministry. So, with the reprint of one of my books, The Mom Walk, we want to celebrate with you!

I was not prepared for the journey of motherhood.

I was idealistic and wanted to be a good mom, but I was in store for several of the most difficult years of my life as I struggled my way through each twist and turn.  the sleepless nights, the constant demands and not having been trained for the job and coming face to face with my own selfishness created guilt and stress in my heart.

It is really why we started our ministry so many years ago. We wanted to offer encouragement, training, support to moms just like me, in case they felt a longing for the same kind of encouragement in their journey of motherhood that I had felt. And we did not want them to feel alone.

So, today, we are celebrating this journey as well as two books we have put back into our Whole Heart Resources in the past four weeks.

The Mom Walk is about the journey of motherhood--the long journey--and how to manage all of the twists and turns with God's grace fueling each day to make it meaningful, joyful and fulfilling.

You love being a mom. You are wholeheartedly committed to your children. You long for them to grow up to be mature, loving, fruitful, and faithful followers of God. But you know that means you are called to be that kind of mom. It means you must be faithful on God’s path of motherhood for you.

That is your mom walk. It is how you walk with God as mother. It is how you seek Him, trust Him, live in His grace, and draw on His strength one step of faith at a time.

Stories, antics from my own life, scripture at the end of each chapter, and application questions will hopefully encourage you in your own journey as a mom.

I will be doing several things to celebrate this week, starting with a giveaway for YOU!


Two readers will win:

A copy of The Mom Walk 

A copy of Journey's of Faithfulness (by Sarah Clarkson)

And then there will be a GRAND PRIZE Bundle that one reader will win:

A copy of Mom Walk
A copy of pre-release copy of Desperate
40 minute mentoring session with me


In addition to the giveaway, I will also be a part of a Twitter part tonight at 9pm EST under hashtag #momwalk. I will be answering your questions regarding motherhood and your mom walk. Also, there will be prizes at the party! Please join us!

Where you can purchase The Mom Walk:

You can get The Mom Walk for 25% off in the WholeHeart Store (Journey's of Faithfulness is also 25% off)


You can purchase on Amazon: The Mom Walk | Journey's of Faithfulness

Be sure to also join me at Momheart.org for a short video about this week and more good information on The Mom Walk!

And a big heartfelt thanks for all of you who have followed us, attended our conferences, read my blog, supported us, and helped with our ministry outreach for so many years. We are so very grateful to you and to the Lord for all that He has done. We love each of you and pray daily for you. May He continue to bless you and your precious families with His love and grace!


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