Getting to the deepest heart, a secret treasure of influence

Emile Claus

The beauty of a moment captured in sharing deep friendship--I see the life of intimate relationship in this painting.

Seeing these precious girls sitting together in a lovely outdoors, sharing hearts--it is what I love to do the best.

Sharing the deepest places and wisdom and dreams, fears, loneliness, struggles, joys is what I love best about being a mother. Since I have been home from Italy the past few days, I have had hours and hours to hear the heartbeats of my precious children--

This kind of deep relating of lives is what all of us crave and long for--to know and be known.

It is also what God wants from us--intimacy, heart sharing, love consummated in hearts bound together.

So, this week, I chose,

Carving out the time, leaving my suitcase packed, dishes on the counter, emails unanswered, texts unread,

I have made my choice, because I know choices have consequences, 

And this is the best choice--focussing all of my heart, eyes, attention and love on my precious treasures that God entrusted into my hands.

not allowing the moment to slip away to the dark abyss of busyness,

or "wait for me one more minute" as they slip away, not waiting, but going on.......

or pretending to listen while having my eyes on the computer,

But these real moments of life shared deeply, live in my heart....

one on the porch in jammies, with tea in hand and blankets folded up to our knees in early morning chill of the mountains.

Another, leaning against me, knee to knee, on my small love seat, with a hand to hold and stroke, sharing life time dreams, wishes and secrets and prayers,

Another, coming to lay on my big king size bed in the dark of night just after I had climbed into bed, and talking deeply about life and all that is taking place.

A phone call, long, filled with antics, robust laughter, fears, stresses and asking for affirmation--"Do you like what I wrote?"

"Yes, I value you, your work, your efforts, your integrity. I am beyond blessed to be your mother."

Love, deep sharing of life, stimulating thoughts in the counsel of wisdom,

the facing of deep doubts and despair  of God, about a lack of answers to prayer,

this is the core of discipleship,

the deep longing and satisfaction of our souls--

to know and to be known and to trust someone with our heart and know it will be held with grace and tenderness.

This is my joy of being the best friend and most trusted counselors of my dearest children.

But the getting away to a secret place and the sharing of hearts requires a commitment of time--the putting away of all other distractions

Saying, "At this moment, you are the most important person in the whole world to me, and I adore being in your company."

It starts on the rocking chair when you sing lovely lullabies to infants,

the cuddling and rocking and playing childish games with toddlers and whispering secrets and songs and silly stories,

The reading of sweet books, playful touch of back rubs and gentle listening to all their little hearts, in early years, will pour out at bedtime,

The quiet, "Come to my bedroom, as I have prepared you a cup of hot chocolate or cinnamon tea and a small treat and let's be friends,"

The staying up late beyond midnight and listening and allowing teens to question, to pour out, to vent, to share insecurities with out criticism or lectures,

the sharing of life--

the pointing them to His truth, His ways, His love, in the warp and woof of life moments,

this is the essence of discipleship,

this is the secret of a blessed motherhood.