The small pleasures of today, satisfying me deeply

Nightly walks around the course of my neighborhood and seeing the pinks of clouds

knowing the fires in my beloved mountains are gone,

laughing and talking with my 3 children and our fat, old dog, Kelcy

Her hair was shaved too closely, but still if we say the word "Walk" in any sentence, she dances, wiggles, shakes her tail--a sight to behold.

early morning walk and breakfast downtown at our French cafe with Sarah

Opening a college bank account for Joy and dreaming of life ahead

Searching for apartments in Denver and pondering composing, friends, churches as Joel moves to Denver

Praying, one more time for Nathan and a new audition--looking for that open door and living by faith. (anyone wants to pray extra prayers for him, I would be most grateful)

Talking dreams, disappointments, book ideas, weariness, beauty, living in a home alive--

that is my great pleasure this weekend

and ending tonight with a summer celebration, a barbeque, with friends who will all bring a dish from their own kitchens to talk and share friendships that have been perking for years and made deep from life shared and marveling at how fast all of these precious ones grew up, and how faithful God has been through all the years.