Mom Heart Leadership Intensive

How blessed we are to have 54 women from all over the world here to be trained to become speakers, writers and ministry leaders to move out with the message of Biblical motherhood. Our precious daughters wrote an article about what they were observing today. When you invite sweet friends and leaders to spend tine around the word of God, the Holy Spirit shows up and changes lives. Thanks for your prayers for us. Off to dinner and to hear 40 women give speeches about motherhood and convictions.

What's going on at the MomHeart Leadership Conference


Hello, everyone! Joy and Christie here reporting about what's happening, who's speaking and how God is moving at the MomHeart Leadership Conference. Getting a late start this morning, we heard Paul Stanley talk on servant leadership. With a break for coffee and talking, we moved on to learning how to speak from charming Zan Tyler. Everything is going wonderfully and hearts are being moved and changed!

One of our favorite things here is seeing the wonderful women God has brought here. At the beginning of each session we have 3 ladies give their "mintros": their self-introduction of who they are and why they're here. My personal favorite was a rap song mintro to the tune of "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air". We have had some wonderful mintros. And it just reminds me how different God has made each one of these people for his specific purpose. It is so exciting to see how He will use each one of us!

We've been listening for key ideas and points that each speaker has made, and we want to share them with the rest of you.

"To lead like Jesus, you have to live like Jesus."-Paul Stanley, Servant Leadership

"Sometimes, our greatest trials produce our greatest message and ministry to others. You have to have something in common with the audience; trials teach us to relate to the audience." -Zan Tyler, Speaking to be Heard

"You have to have Ethos, Paethos, and Logos. Ethos establishes your authority to speak on a subject... you must have a reason the audience should listen to you.

Pathos is your emotional connection and confidence: it is your heart. It is the factor that connects the audience to what you're speaking about. Don't preach. What is your story and only your story? Be vulnerable. Don't try to be perfect; no one is. Sparkle. Fill the stage. Is your message more like a conversation than a presentation? Don't apologize. Do it in God's power. Am I going to make them want to love God more and learn more about Him?

Logos is the truth in your message. All speeches must lead your audience to truth and knowledge. If you don't have good logos to begin with, no one will have a reason to listen to you. Always develop an outline. Is your message easy to follow? Write transitions in your talk. Use research to back up your statements. Don't say anything that isn't biblical. Are you inspiring your audience to become more like Christ?" -Sally Clarkson, Speaking to the Heart

We are so enjoying this weekend and will be so very sad when it's over. But we hope everything we are learning will carry on into our lives. We hope these messages can get out to many, many people.