The Power of a Mother's Influence--Barry Black

What a wonderful few days I enjoyed with women coming from all over the world to our leadership training this weekend. I love each woman and was so very blessed to be amongst such godly, passionate women. I do think when we bring together a group of passionate Christians, in His name, the Holy Spirit shows up and reveals Himself. What a time of seeing His life in and amongst us--but Whew! I am still trying to catch my wind. And so will fall a part a little from the normal schedule just to take a nap, clean up the last vestiges from my home and have some quiet moments to regroup and ponder! One of our wonderful speakers at our conference, mentioned that last week, he was in Washington D.C. with his grandsons and had the opportunity to take them with him to meet Barry Black, the chaplain for the United States Senate. After sharing his testimony with my friend and his grandsons, Barry then prayed for them and spoke a blessing over them! What an honor for them and what a story of humility.

I was struck by the wonderful story that it was his mother who prepared his heart and mind for the work God would have him do. If we stay diligent and pray for our children and seek to influence them for His glory, there is no limit to what the Lord might do with our faith works. You will love this article. May He bless you today! Enjoy!

Barry Black--The Senate's Shepherd