Ranting about technology--do something real today!

Just a short post today. However, it is a connection to my own daughter, Sarah's most recent blog entry. She is a prophet of sorts to her generation. She embodies beauty in her life and in her words to be a remembrance, a witness to the good and beautiful that God created and that culture has lost. We were both ranting and raving this morning about our own issues--both of us fired up to be more faithful to write, to reach out and to live such a life that others may see the Life of Him and His reality in the way we live! May you live idealistically today and never be tempted to throw away the incarnation of Him in your life, home, work.

Onward to my snowy day. I have some messages to pass on to Joy's soul!
Thanks for those who left comments on Sarah's--she was greatly encouraged. Her artist heart was heartened!