You Renewed! Mom Heart Conferences 2010

    Mom Conference Dallas 2009--Join me and hundreds of other moms like you for this years conference!

 "And that you be renewed in the spirit of your mind," Ephesians 4:23

 I am so excited as Clay and I prepare and plan for this year's mom's conferences. What a privilege it has been to have a legacy of 12 years with thousands of moms who have attended our conferences with us from all over the world. Together, we have been encouraged, trained, inspired to follow God's design in loving our children in our homes and building a godly generation, who will take God's truth and messages into adulthood for their generation. It has been amazing to me to see and experience the life of Christ in our midst.

 But this year, we are very excited to see what the Lord will do. We are praying that He will renew and refresh moms in the midst of a challenging time in history. We have been born for such a time as this. How then can we keep our faith fresh, our hearts hopeful and our minds filled with truth and courage? By constantly renewing our hearts and thoughts in the truth of God's word and by dwelling in the reality of His presence and strength. I believe that if the mothers in this country are anchored and rooted in Christ and full of faith, they will be those who bring stability to the whole country. If homes are a place of security, strength, truth and faith, our country will follow suit. This strength comes from constantly being renewed in Christ.


Did you know that the Greek word for “renew” means to make something new in the midst of other things? It doesn’t mean to start over, but to keep going, only with a newness of purpose. It means to add newness to what is already there. I can’t imagine a better topic for this year than “You…Renewed!” I know it’s right where I am as mom in ministry, and I believe it’s right where most of you are as mothers in a changing culture. I believe we all need to be renewed by the Spirit for the road ahead.
Since 1998, this has been the WholeHearted Mother Conference. But this year, it is something new…it is now the MOM HEART CONFERENCE  This year's conference marks the official start of a renewed ministry to mothers to encourage them to live to the beat of God's heart for motherhood. I’m not starting over in my ministry to moms, but I’m keeping going with a renewed purpose and vision. My beliefs and convictions have not changed, but the culture around me is changing by the day, and needs a new word from God about biblical motherhood. In the midst of that change, Mom Heart Ministry is a renewed vision of my spirit for helping moms refocus on the God who created mothers in the beginning.

Every day, I hear from precious women all around the world who know the Lord, and are committed to serving him in their homes, but they are weary in the work of being a mother. They have lost their way. They have no intention of giving up, but they need something more to keep going. I hear in their voices and words the need for a renewed sense of the Lord’s work in the midst of their lives. If that’s you, I want you to know this year that God wants you to be renewed in him…he wants to do “new things” (Isaiah 42:9) in and through you. He wants “You…Renewed!” in your habits, heart, home, and hope. That’s my message for you this year.

As I wrote my new book, Dancing with My Father, God worked in my heart a renewed understanding of his abundant joy. Everything my heavenly Father has done is so I can dance with joy in his presence. What I learned as I wrote is a perfect complement to this year’s conference theme because renewal is all about finding the joy of God again. What I share in the book is the ground in which the messages I want to share with you this year are grown. I am so looking forward to being with you and to filling your heart and spirit with the life-renewing truths of God’s word. I am praying that this weekend will be a time when you will be refreshed, restored, and above all else, renewed in the power of the Holy Spirit. I hope you will plan to join me and my friends for our very first Mom Heart Conference. You are in my heart, and God's heart! 

It is our desire to get these messages into the hands of women all over the world. We can only write and speak the messages--we need your help to help us reach more moms who need encouragement!


Each year, we are amazed at how many new moms attend our conferences. We would love to reach even more moms this year. . We will be doing a drawing at the end of each month to give away 2 free conference registrations to all of those who have put an announcement about our conferences on their blog, or advertised in their support group newsletter or in some way sent out a message to their list of friends or given out flyers to their Bible studies or groups. But we realized that many of you will not be able to come to a conference. So, if you are willing to advertise for us, and cannot attend the conference, instead of a conference registration, you may pick 4 of our books from the following: my new book, Dancing With My Father, Sarah's new book--Read for the Heart; Mission of Motherhood, Ministry of Motherhood, Seasons of a Mother's Heart; The Mom Walk; and The 24 Family Ways. So if you are the winner, you may either get a free registration or 4 of our books.

In order to be included in the drawing, you must put an announcement on your blog or newsletter or facebook or website, etc. and then send a notice of it to Jennice .(PUTTING OUR BLOG AD DRESS IN YOUR SIDEBAR IS NOT THE SAME AS PUTTING A SMALL POST OR MENTIONING IT ON YOUR BLOG--IT MUST BE MENTIONED AND ANNOUNCED IN AN ARTICLE OR POST OR NEWSLETTER TO COUNT AS AN ENTRY.) Each end of month, (November, December, January) we will pick out two winners from those who write to Jennice, our secretary. Every month that you advertise, you can be reentered in the drawing for the next month--as long as you notify our secretary.  

You may also put an announcement on your blog or website with a link to this post or If you would like to just copy an announcement, or retrieve a flyer, go

here for Denver 

here for Irvine/Orange County  

Here for Irving/Dallas

Here for Raleigh




Warm Fellowship with Mothers -- You need to be with other wholehearted mothers like you! You need to be able to laugh and cry and shout and sigh about the same experiences. At this conference, you’ll be refreshed, revived and restored by being around other moms who want the same thing for their children that you want for yours. Come enjoy the pleasure of being away in a lovely hotel for the weekend with friends, and be spiritually encouraged, too. It’s a getaway just for you. Join us!

Leadership training for those interested in starting Mom Heart support groups.

Spiritually Encouraging Program -- The weekend away for a Mom Heart Conference is also filled with inspirational worship.

 Friday afternoon seminars will offer practical help and encouragement for mothering and parenting skills. 

There will also be a Whole Heart booktable filled with carefully selected titles to encourage and equip you as a mother. 



Enjoy a lovely luncheon together with your friends!

Clay has also decided to do an early-bird discount registration fee if you register early. Be sure to take advantage of this offer. 

Special Early Registion: $79 thru November 30 Early Registration, $89 thru December 31 Regular Registration, $99 after December 31
For more information and to register go here  Click on the city of your choice and you will find information folders at the top with more information. For a page you can print out for your own group, go to conference resources and you can download it for printing out copies. (You may also call for more information at 
888-488-4466 to talk to someone at our office.)
I hope many of you will be able to join us! It would be fun to receive some comments from moms who have attended in the past. Looking so forward to seeing so many of you again!