So Thankful for Firemen! Especially in Monument

10891899_10204546731602675_5346521049036735723_nAfter Nathan and Rachael left for the airport today, I went to my little office to work and read. Clay came in and said, "What is that awful smell?" We eventually had such a burning smell all through our 3 floor home, (2 floors and a basement), that we were getting headaches. We left to go out for a few hours and when we came back the smell was so strong it began to make us all nauseous. We checked everything we could find! Clay said, "Maybe we should call the sherriff's department and see if there are any fires in our area.

The next moment, we looked out our front door and there were 3 fire trucks! After the wonderful men came in and looked over our house, smelling the same thing, they found a burned out lamp shade in Nathan's room that was fresh. (And they also found a short in our ceiling chandelier, too.)

We love our fire department and think they are the best!