Your Shepherd has a heart for you!

'Highland_Sheep'_by_Charles_A._Watson_(1857-1923)Charles A. Watson

"When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them because they were confused and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd."

Matthew 9:36

One of my favorite verses in scripture is the one above. Our Jesus, our God, sees us when we are confused, helpless, weary, carrying so many burdens in our private worlds. He did not react with disdain, or criticism saying, "They should be stronger and more perfect." Instead, he saw us as people who were made to be shepherded. We need direction, instruction, help, guidance in order to live well into the lives we have been given.

Truth is, sheep are easily overcome. They are pre-wired to need guidance, protection, someone to look over their needs and welfare. We, as His sheep, were never meant to just buck up, and do life without help. We were made to need and long for our shepherd's guidance and help and love and joy in our lives.

Today, the day after Christmas, so many are surrounded by the messes that celebrating Christmas brings. Often, women are depleted for many reasons--loneliness because they were not with loved ones--and Christmas was a reminder. Weariness because they have come to the end of their strength. Exhaustion from caring for sick ones or from being sick. Or just the same old personal problems that do not seem to go away.

However you are today--living in doubt, living in discouragement, filled with dreams and hopes, lonely or wishing for alone time, He loves you and cares about your heart and life issues with compassion and with the care of the heavenly Father--the heart that can't let us go, but just keeps giving and giving to us, his own precious ones.

The true comfort I have found over the years is that He cares deeply about you today, He wants you to feel His love, His care and guidance for you. He understands your struggles--He was and always has been made to be a shepherd of us, his sheep. He lives to take care of us, to feed us beside still waters, to guide us in the paths of righteousness. It is His heart--not his duty.

The Lord is my shepherd.

And so, when I wrote my new book, Own Your Life, it was my desire to point to Him, His desire to lead us, comfort us, teach us, and to understand better how He helps us to live into the very life we have been given--not alone, but with His strength, His wisdom, His love, His Spirit filling our lives each step of the way.

Today, rest, knowing His heart is one of compassion. Today, know that in 2015, He will show you the way to find even more secure footing to live into the life where you are--with purpose, with strength and with Joy. Praying His blessing for you all as you enter this new year.


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