The Daily Miracle

But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, so that the surpassing greatness of the power will be of God, 2 Cor. 4: 7

The miracle today is that He is present, alive and blowing through the moments of our days--seeking someone to heal, someone to redeem, someone to extend redeeming love--and it will all happen through mere humans, those whose feet are made of clay--today, He is alive because He will live through me.

All of us, different skills, shapes, personalities, liabilities, stories--all here for a short few years to faithfully live out a miracle.

Jesus is in the world today, this moment.

His presence invades the things held fast to this earth, His love permeates the places of the lonely, His joy fills the air--

How? Through me--He is in me and wants to live through me to bring the miracle of Him to this world, through a limited earthly jar of clay.

We have this treasure-=invaluable treasure of God in me--today. 

How will I honor this vast miracle of Him in me.

Today--who needs me to give something that He would give--

perhaps some money needed; time given, a baby held so a mom can sleep.

What do I have in me today that His spirit would give--to those present in my life?

Today, someone needs his words of encouragement, hope--who is the person He would love through me?

Someone needs a cup of cold water, a sandwich made, a cup of tea served, an eye to eye encounter that says, "You are of great value--you are not condemned. I love you, He loves you."

To allow myself to be wrapped up in just myself, to close the power of HIm through me by being consumed with my own needs inhibits His ability to work through me--to bless through me.

We can suffocate His presence in us by not trusting Him to meet our needs right where we are--to forget ourselves, and to think of those who need His touch through us today--that is what will give life to our own soul--this service of worship by bowing down our hearts and saying, "This day is yours, for you--live through me, speak through me, serve through me--that is where we will find the joy and strength and power bubbling up and filling our own soul--

in the laying down of us and the submitting to Him in and through us.

Will my children, my husband, my friends, see the reality if Jesus today, because I allowed Him to be alive through me--all the moments of my day--because He, my treasure is giving light through me? This is how I give them the reality of Jesus.

You have this day to ponder just how He would live thorough you. You will never have this day again to invest--to live, to be available to Him through you.

When you close this day, in what way will you have brought Him to bear in your world, a work that will live faithfully through all eternity?