Thinking out of the box always upsets people, but leads us to true freedom and Real Life

Holy--to be set apart, not conforming to the world, but being transformed--by the wild and uncontainable God and following His lead, whatever path it takes.......

How happy I am to have Sarah home for my Saturday morning trek to my little French cafe.

We had far too much to catch up on and talked and talked and talked. A breath of fresh air to my soul to be with her. Our family tends to think out of the box--we discuss everything and challenge all Christian thought and live wildly, hysterically, celebrating-ly, with feasts and lots of freedom, within the walls of our home. I think it is genetic in our family.

My children have all said, "I wonder what people would think if they really knew what we believed and how we lived, that we are pretty out of the box and free to enjoy life."

Hmmmmm--so Christians aren't supposed to have too much fun or live wildly or freely--or question supposed Christian authorities--or celebrate life too much or live free from condemnation and guilt?

One of us posed the question this morning, "Wouldn't it be great some day if we didn't care what people thought?

A hazard of living in the public eye, I suppose.

But, I do love to move beyond the "expectations" and figure out what really is authentic in life, what really matters, how to experience the joy we were designed to know, every day, and to see the God that is not a tame lion--

So, do any of you like living out of the box of legalism, expectations, condemnation, rules, peer pressure, or feared criticism?

Hmmmm Jesus pretty much upset those who lived in the box of his day--as a matter of fact, he got crucified for being out of the box, and not fitting in with the "leaders."

Just saying I am thinking about this today.............


And more,...,

 I keep coming back to this concept. I meet so few people, that when I am with them, their influence makes me  want to love God  more, be more idealistic, live more by wild faith and life-sacrificing love.

And yet I find myself amidst  so many who are overloaded with the mundane tasks, feeling bored, dead of soul...

When the life of Jesus is in our midst, there is a palpable crackle in the air, a sparkle to the lights and shadows of His dance amongst us.

Imagine--the creator of the universe--the one who played games with galaxies and atoms, romantic love and sunsets--He in our midst.

And yet, most people I know, including me so much of the time, live as though their feet are tied to the ground by heavy loads of duty, works, "shoulds", guilt and worry and sighing, comparing, inadequacy,boredom through the days.

He did not create us to live in such a way. He came to give life--and life abundantly. The joy of the Lord is to be our strength--and yet--what have the voices of this world done to our joy?

What have the messages of today's church done to mount "should do's", measuring righteousness by the boxes of theology instead of by the people we love and those we serve a cup of cold water or share our coats with;

caused us to measure our self-worth by the outside appearance,  instead of the inner glory of the heart?

The "How to's" instead of lessons in humility and redeeming the lost? The accomplishment instead of the faith exhibited? Who in your life points you,  passionately, irresistibly into the arms of a loving God, a gentle shepherd, a compassionate Father, an interesting artist, to show us the God  who longs for us to live, celebrate life, exist above the present mundane and to perceive the invisible life of the Kingdom He is shaping through us for eternity.

Is it any wonder when college students lose their faith, because Christianity has been for them a list of moral rules that do not captivate imagination or stir hearts  that long to find purpose and to be a part of a great cause?

A laying on of guilt? A living by works? When it is He--Jesus--the Life--that we were to be living graphically, incarnationally, realistically in our home by relentlessly pursuing His love in our actions? His truth? His excellent and deeply fulfilling plan for our lives?

Knowing Him should create in us a powerful sense of life, excellence, expectancy from a heart filled with faith, love and anticipation.

So, I ask you today--are you finding deep fulfillment and a bubbling up of love from deep within? A feeling of heaven meeting earth in your home right where you are today? Are you sensing the pleasure of God as you see the color of spring? The beauty surrounding the moments of your life?

It is only in pursuing Him, the Life that coming into the world, enlightens every man--not rules or laws or formula or morality---but the Person--who has so very much more to offer those of us who would leave all behind, and sell all that we have to grasp and hold fast to the pearl of great price.

But, to find Him and to live vibrantly in the reality of His ways and His presence, requires living out of the box.

So, how about you? In the box or out?