Creating the Art of Life in Your Home And Woohoo! The Webcast Tonight!

to make a home poster A few years ago, we were  visiting a family and everything in the home--I should say, estate, was perfect. A garden without weeds, a home in perfect order, a meal with no mess as all pots and pans had been washed and all put away. Yet, something about the environment seemed sterile and stiff to Clay and me and to our children. We did feel that the children were quite stiff and formal, and seemed  afraid to move out of the context of "reserved politeness."  The atmosphere seemed sterile, and there was something uncomfortable to all of us--like a mysterious air of performance and judgment. The mom repeated three times, "I am so exhausted, all the time."

A strange atmosphere of stress and strain permeated the air we breathed, even in the midst of perfect order,  and we talked about it as we left in the car because it was all so right and yet felt so wrong--the atmosphere of strain almost palpable. In some ways it felt like a cardboard, colorless home.

There seemed to be form without art or life.

I am not condemning order, how I love it! Or high ideals! I am guilty of high ideals.

But if the ideals of our home consist of performance and not heart, all will be lost.

And that is what it felt like to all of us while we were there. And frankly, we all felt a subtle pressure to perform and not say the wrong thing! All the eyes of those around us seemed to dare us to step out of line and feel the consequences.

Our God, the artist who created our world with color, pleasure, surprises, variety, did not give us a home on this earth that was sterile and void of form. As the source of all pleasure and beauty, God would have us imitate the life he gave us to enjoy as we construct the atmosphere of our own homes.

As we rule over the moments in our home, God's pleasure would support our creation of joy in the atmosphere. He would say, "Woohoo! You sat with your child and watched me paint a sunset! You were patient with that spilled milk and fuss one more time--you listened to that weepy teen and didn't even  correct him, even though you were exhausted! You are my precious one and I love  that you are doing your best. I love you. I am with you, I am proud of you for keeping going!"

A home is a place of life filled by a mother whose life is contagious because of her sparkle in the midst of messes, her laughter in the midst of duty, her song pervading the whole place--the music, feasts, art, joy of life--flowing out of a heart that has found this joy in her God.

Tonight, we will celebrate my new book, The Lifegiving Home and discuss traditions and ways to cultivate a place of welcome, a place of comfort and inspiration. 

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