Woohoo! An amazing Launch Webcast Party! Thank you for Coming!

IMG_7971 Almost 3000 households gathered around to join me in my Webcast to celebrate the end of my launch week for The Lifegiving Home: Creating a place of belonging and becoming.  What an amazing week with friends from all over the world joining me in spreading the word and gathering excitement about my newest book, which is literally a lifetime in the making--the story of my own lifegiving home, 17 moves, 4 kids now grown to adulthood and so much to tell.

I wanted to share the webcast with so many of you who were not able to make it. I am off to California early Wednesday morning to arrange our California Mom Heart Conference.

A million thanks to all of you who attended and made it a great evening. Blessings and blessings of grace to you this week.

Love to all.


You can also find me today at Ann Voskamp's blog: sunset pink

Don't miss the sunsets, don't miss the wonder in your children's eyes.

“No moment is useless, no day void, when shaped by the creative power of love.”

guest post by Sally Clarkson

As I glanced out the kitchen window, the shadows that were overtaking the mountain told me that the sun was just about to set.

Clay, my husband, had proposed a rare and much-needed dinner date for just the two of us.

Lots of issues in our life needed our focused attention—ministry conferences, book deadlines, taxes, a possible move, new staff for our ministry, a health problem with one of our children, a relationship problem at church—plus, we just needed some time together alone to be friends.

It was ten minutes before six, the time Clay had told me to be ready. I was still in the kitchen washing dishes, trying to get the kitchen clean before we left.

Eleven-year-old Nathan, my bubbling, energetic extrovert, kept running into the kitchen demanding that I come immediately to look at something.

“Mama, I have something to show you! It will take just a few minutes, but you have to come now.”

“Not now,” I almost told him. “I promise I’ll spend some time with you when I get home, but I have to finish the dishes now before Daddy takes me out to dinner. This way you kids won’t have to clean anything up!”

I almost said that, but I didn’t. After a brief mental battle, I put the greasy pan back in the sudsy water and dried my hands.

“Nathan, where are you?” I called. “I’m ready to see your surprise.”

“I didn’t think you were ever going to come,” he moaned as he appeared from the den. “I hope we’re not too late.”

For the rest of the story, go to A Holy Experience. So very honored by the generous words of my sweet friend, Ann Voskamp.

Here's the books and music that we were all buzzing about! :)

You were all so much fun and such a gift. Happy Wednesday.

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