There is a season, .......,

Kasey, Benjy and Mary working on a case.

 For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven--including debate and speech!

This week, almost 600 students are gathering here in the Colorado Springs area for the nationals finals of speech and debate.

We have 11 of us, including our family of 5, together for a week, eating meals, sleeping, and attending a gazillion rounds of speech and debate competitions. It is all very thrilling and fun for us as we love so many of the students who will participate.

Joy will be in 5 different events for this week, speaking for many different rounds, (we hope!).

Joy and two sweet friends who are waiting for a round to begin.

As I want to enjoy each minute and be fully present for all of my peeps who I will see, I will not be blogging this week.

Pray for us and we will do so for you and have a great week!

Reviewing ballots when it is all over.

Fun, fun and great memories.