Today, I am.........

Up early eating a delicious veggie omelet, drinking strong coffee and alive in my heart with all of the wonderful women I am meeting at the Woodlands HS conference. Such hard working, devoted, inspired moms--all of whom deserve a break, need a massage, a maid, an assistant and a vacation. So blessed to be in their company. So enjoyed our chocolate party last night with 289 women celebrating life together. But I always wonder afterwards--did I say too much? Did I help at all? Do these women know just how much God loves them? Then off to sleep. I talked to Joy and Joel late just before sleep, who lived through a torrential rainstorm somewhere between Colorado and Arizona in Joel's new second hand car that he bought on Thursday. Joy left her driver's license at WalMart and they had to go back for it. I found them in Flagstaff, sequestered at a hotel for the night and making great memories together and building on their relationship. Joy's job is to keep Joel awake, and to give encouragement and help to him this week as he foray's into California to find an apartment, and seek a job in the film scoring industry. And so thankful to the Martinez's, our dear family friends, who will keep our two while they are pursuing apartments this week.

Sarah called us in the middle of the night to ask about our dog, Kelcie. Seems she ate from the garbage bag some old chicken, threw up all over our carpet and now will not move from the porch outside--what should be done? No one wants our sweet,funny,  belligerent dog to be sick. Never, never a dull moment.

Nate called with lots of news yesterday about life, work, friends, movies, dreams--right in the middle of one of my talks. And so I told my audience to yell out "HI, Nathan, " to him and it brought him to chuckles. (I just happened to be speaking about being available to your children to seize the moment and find time to really pay attention to their personality and needs when he called--so it just seemed like a providential live application to my talk. (Thanks, Nate, for calling at just the right time.)

Clay and I working side by side and remembering what we felt like as parents of young children.

And now off to speak again and see old friends and drink more coffee and tea and keep making memories. I am blessed.