Which wich or which family are you?

Up at 3:30 this morning, barely could crawl out of bed, and threw on my clothes, zipped up my bags, and stepped into the car, all with my eyes still closed. Clay and I were on our way to the airport in Denver, (one hour away), to fly to Houston to speak at the Woodlands Marriott Hotel where there will be several thousand families. I love coming here. We spent many years of our family years with our children in Texas and love the heritage, the hospitality, and so many wonderful friends. Whenever I come here, many memories are revived--those early days with small children trying to figure it all out. How did I make it through--me who had so little training or experience with children.

But, being here at the end of the childhood of all of my children is deeply satisfying. I love who they have become and to think they could actually make it to adulthood in a healthy condition in spite of Clay's and my imperfect parenting--all God's grace is good.

Arriving at the hotel around noon, found us with such an appetite, as breakfast, about a thousand of hours ago, was sparse. And somehow exhaustion heightens my hunger.

Just at the end of the driveway at our hotel is a small sandwich shop called Which wich? A cute fast food sandwich place with many options for a sandwich. I am more of a casserole sandwich girl myself--more about how much other stuff you can get on it, besides the meat. I love all the veggies, onions, green peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, olives, avocado, and pickles and whatever else they will give me and of course I am a whole wheat type. Clay is much more classic--turkey, lettuce, tomato and onion.

It reminds me, all of us have the freedom to make unique choices for our families and children. It would be absurd to tell all people they had to like my way of making a sandwich. And so would it be absurd to think that there was just one way to have a godly, fruitful family. God leaves so much room for personality, interest, skills, heritage, background training, culture and motivation. As long as the life of God and enthusiasm for ideals is a part of the mix, somehow God's spirit mysteriously moves amongst the members of the people making up that family, and creates abundant, vibrant life.

And so now you know some of what I will be speaking about this weekend.

We are a bookish, arts, nature and walks, traveling, idealistic, ministry, musical, coffee and tea, chocolate, cinnamon roll, discussions, dancing and out of the box sort of family.

What kind of family are you?