Waiting for spring and other this and thats

Living very near the national forest is one of the advantages of living in Monument, Co. Enjoying the almost spring breezes, breathing in the mountain air and resting is just what I have needed, as I left my energy and strength somewhere along the trail of our conferences and travel.

The tiny flowers beginning to bud by the rocks are a promise of what is ahead to me. I am seeking the Lord anew and pondering how to live life better in balance. It is good to re-look at life every once in a while. I am so introverted at heart, and do not like a center of attention role, (unless it is with my own family and children) and so it seems the adrenalin runs right out of me when I am with people constantly and do not always manage it properly. I do love the wonderful people I meet along the way and being able to be a part of what the Lord is spreading--but my body doesn't always like the demands.

I have been home a few days just reflecting, enjoying my sweet family, sleeping and trying to regain a longer term perspective. So many ideas, so many books to write, so little time.

I have received such sweet letters and encouragement amidst comments and facebook, emails and snail mail. All of these have been heartfelt to me, as I can, at times, wonder whether or not it is time to stop, with so much else out there on the internet and in ministry. But your notes, indeed  encourage me to keep writing, and I so appreciate all of you who are thoughtful enough to take the time to keep me going.

Just normal, mundane moments taking my time. Constantly cooking, (I enjoy--it is the dishes that are not my forte! ) Joy went horseback riding and of course I warned, "Don't fall off the horse." And so she did, :), but by God's grace, she didn't hurt herself. Enjoying each moment I have with her to share secrets and hearts before she takes off for college next year.

Joel heard from Denver University that he got accepted to the Master's Degree Composing School and with scholarships and a possible teaching position, so after months of waiting, that is good news--and I will get to have him nearer this time--with all sorts of good excuses to run up to Denver. He has been such a great and fun companion through all the travel and work of conferences and tourney's, and evidence that God sees the desires of my heart, by granting me these three months with him.

Nathan has been in a MacDonald's commercial and one for Gatorade, so he is paying the bills and we are all most grateful. He sends me regular encouraging texts and we call each other so very often, but I still feel so blessed to be his friend and never take it for granted that he would still like to talk to his mama.

Sarah finished her Oxford course with great reviews on her papers and much to her exhaustion, and she is now traveling in England with her childhood chum. They hiked 8 miles today and saw Beatrix Potter's home and ate a lovely picnic, (the famous daffodils are in bloom)  and drank tea and made me a little bit jealous.

Her menu review made my mouth water, "The food is excellent though - last night we had lemon thyme risotto with roasted fish and potatoes, tonight, we had a steak with blue cheeses sauce, and I got sticky toffee pudding for dessert. Oh my, SO good."

Just wish someone was cooking that for me. I do so love feasts and good company!

Clay is busy working on Heart-felt Discipline and a zillion other things all at once,  and I am pondering 2 more books that are begging to be written, but also wishing I could find a reasonable housekeeper so I could write at leisure and have the house organized and clean at the end of the day, without me having to do it or cajole one of the kids, who are always on the go, to do it. Always mounts of messes where there is family life.

Arranging hotel rooms for Joy's speech tournament in Denver next week. We will leave on Wednesday and come home Saturday night.

We will have rice and with French herbs and baked citron chicken (lemon and orange) tonight for dinner. I am wishing I could lose 20 pounds without making that much effort.

But just wanted you, my sweet friends, to know I am alive and thinking of you. Would appreciate your prayers for me as I ponder how to plan life and commitments the next year.

Grace and peace in the midst. Off to take a pre-dinner walk.