What kind of chocolate are you?

When I first envisioned hosting a mom's conference, I knew that there should be chocolate. A nice place--hotel with clean sheets, a lovely luncheon where moms could be adults and be pampered for at least one lovely meal--and then chocolate. So all of my friends and I have been hitting the grocery stores for the hal-price heart chocolates to give out to the almost 800 women who will attend the conference here in Texas this weekend.

We have 5 sweet girls passing out chocolate when all the mothers come--a tiny way to celebrate a moment of pleasure as we all meet for great fellowship. So we are buying out the heart chocolate this weekend.

But what kind of chocolate are you? I love almost all chocolate--but my very favorite is salted almond dark chocolate bars from choco love or the salted almond chocolates from Trader Jo's or Safeway--or the chocolate that my friend LaDonne brings us every year from her wonderful chocolate store---yyyymmmmmm! Beyond compare! ---you would be jealous this weekend if you knew how wonderful the chocolates are from The Wiseman House in Hico, Texas.(She spoils me every year--a chocolate angel.) Visit them--this chocolate is made fresh by hand---chocolate heaven!

You can see them here: http://www.wisemanhousechocolates.com/

But, now really, what kind of chocolate are you?