What was so important?


What could have been so important, that the creator, Lord of the stars and galaxies, the one who ruled over the affairs of dictators and leaders of men's affairs, the most wise and educated of all, would come to the earth, in humble attire, bow his knee to the dust to wash 120 toes of the men he served, and invest three years of his life loving, teaching, eating with, encouraging, serving normal, fishermen and unknown women?

He wanted us to know that the love of people, personal time, servant leadership is the model for real influence. That is what is so important. Personal--I see your eyes, I am listening to your words, I care about you, I will teach you truth--these are what the God of the universe spent three years of His life--three years away from the "important" affairs of men--to do.

If it was so important to the one who created it all, shouldn't giving up our personal time, serving, loving, looking in your eyes, listening to your heart and forming your convictions by taking time to teach you, be important to us as moms, stewards of our children's souls. The personal matters more than all the other. Loving is the one thing he called us to do. Love is personal and focussed and requires us to lay aside everything else as He did.