What overwhelms you? Housekeeping for me!

Wonderful new ebook by Sarah Mae--just my style!

By personality, I am a dreamer, idealist, relational, philosophical sort of person. And yet none of this has helped me very much in keeping my home in order. But because I am an idealist, I feel compelled to keep a home that is beautiful in ambiance and a place of order--but keeping it going has always been a drainer for me.

I have had to learn to work with my own personality and with the reality of a daily active group of people in my home 365, 24 hours a day, who want to eat, live, make messes and wear relatively clean clothes! And I am supposed to be in charge of all of this!

Making a marriage with your own limitations and expectations will keep you from always feeling disappointed with yourself. But I have learned in so many areas, that I need the input from others to help me with ideas about how to do it all!

I have often said, a wise woman is someone who copies the model of many other wise women.

This is why I want to recommend this great new ebook by Sarah Mae,  31 Days to Clean, Having a Martha House in a Mary Way. What a great title, but also helpful and practical ideas. What I love is that this book deals with the heart of the matter as well as ways to see progress a little at a time.

I just love Sarah Mae. I am so blessed to call her my friend, kindred spirit and encourager. She has such a way with words and ideas. I know you will enjoy this book.

You can read more about it here: 31 Days to Clean!

But, please let me know. What details of life overwhelm you?

Mine--the constancy of messes and dishes that always need to be done again.

And not having enough time to call my own--always, always longing for this--that sneak away, sip your own cup of tea or coffee without anyone else disturbing you---time to read, be yourself, do whatever.