A Great Man, who can find?!!


I did love watching the wedding of Kate and William--have to admit it! I think that all of us were made for happily ever after. It is written in our hearts before the fall. Hearing the wedding ceremony greatly heartened me. There were admonitions to keep faithful in marriage as God designed that man and woman become one, and stay in that holy union their whole lives.

Praying that God would give Kate and William children, a heritage, as a part of the blessing of the creator, was greatly encouraging in a post modern culture that doesn't value children and family.

William and Kate wrote a prayer that they would live in a union to bless those who were less fortunate, to help those who needed encouragement, to lift the downcast.

Rarely has there been such a conservative witness to Biblical marriage, family, children and purpose on television to the masses with the name of Christ upheld. I thought it was beautiful, surprisingly so.

But as I watched, I had to think back on my own life. Clay and I got married the same summer as Princess Diana and Charles.

I had prayed that I would marry a great, spiritual man, who would serve God. But I didn't know how a whole life legacy would really be what made my man great.

So I just wanted to honor my own great man today.

Together we have partnered in this life of investing our lives for His kingdom. Clay has stayed faithful and unconditionally loving in our marriage, and serve me and given grace oh so many times.

He has devoted himself to raising a godly heritage and has been used by the hand of God to inspire our children, to teach them how to think, to give them a biblical foundation, and he serves them generously in all practical ways, where I fall short.

Giving his life to starting a parenting ministry, a publishing company, conferences, and working his whole life to see children reached for the kingdom by producing materials and conferences to help them disciple their children. He did it all without training or help.

Finally, he is my music man. He has written over 1000 songs, has led worship our whole lives, sings in the shower, and around the house and always writes and plays--it is such a delight.

So, I honor you, my sweet husband, for a life well-lived, for persevering in all of the areas designed by God, to be an investment for His kingdom. What a privilege it has been to know you and walk this journey by your side.

If only I can keep up with you for the next 60 years, as daily we sit in the early hours pondering new dreams, new ways in which we can leave a legacy of writing to encourage the next generation. I am so honored to be our partner and thank God for blessing me so. Happy Day!